Join our team of volunteers to help run supply drives at local community centers, reach out and donate to schools, contribute to online mental health and educational resources, tutor younger kids, help hold events in person, and more! We’re always open to new ideas and opportunities for students, so feel free to pitch in!

Join the Team

Do you want to get more involved in your local community? Get volunteer hours? Find a passion for helping under-resourced schools? Help other students succeed? Have an opportunity to improve interpersonal skills? We offer a perfect opportunity for students seeking a way to make an impact while bettering themselves as well! Volunteering roles are flexible, and we’ll organize teams depending on areas of interest. 

*Tutors should apply through the tutoring tab with a separate form*

Student-Run Organization

For students, by students. That’s at the heart of Kids Teach Kids+, and we hope to bring opportunities to all communities, at absolutely no cost. Whether it be students looking for ways to volunteer, or students looking for help at school, we’ll try our best to offer whatever support you need!