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Our dedicated team is completely student-led and community-driven. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or any person who’s passionate about our cause, we have an opportunity for you to get involved!

Kids Teach Kids+ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to equalizing access to educational resources in Illinois by empowering students, teachers, and communities. 

  • Supporting under-resourced schools 
  • Fostering community involvement
  • Uplifting students struggling in school
  • Giving back to educators

OUr story

Over the COVID pandemic, we saw thousands upon thousands of teachers getting laid off and schools getting shut down as resources dwindled and budgets shrunk. The Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools found that 76% of school districts suffered from staffing shortages. Especially in rural Illinois and redlined areas in Chicago, crumbling infrastructure, lack of school supplies, outdated textbooks and technology, combined with unqualified or underpaid and overworked teachers are stifling the futures of students. So as students ourselves, we want to change that. By offering teachers more resources, and kids more support, we want to close the gap in educational achievement and opportunity. Quality education is a right, but is too often a privilege. So from one student to another, let’s make sure the generation of the future succeeds.


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Helen Liang


Currently seeking more student board members!

Want to help lead, organize, and oversee the organization? We’re offering important opportunities for high schoolers to hold leadership positions, earn volunteer hours, and serve their communities. Fill out our application form, and we’ll contact you about an interview process if you make it through! We’d love to have you on our team!