Kids Teach Kids+

Helping students and teachers pursue their passions

Because every child deserves the right to learn, to explore, and the reach their fullest potential. 

Kids Teach Kids + is built by students, for students to protect and promote educational equality through Illinois.


Supply Drives

Partnerships with local libraries and schools to host school supply and book drives to donate to rural schools

Free Tutoring

Free online and in person tutoring and literacy workshops for students from elementary to high school

Advocacy in Education

Initiatives to support mental health in educators and students, and raise awareness about the teacher shortage

Get Involved

We believe in promoting youth advocacy, community involvement, and most importantly, passion. Regardless of your background, we offer an opportunity for you to connect, engage, and lead through activism and service. Learn how YOU can help to make a difference in a student’s life!


Kids Teach Kids+ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to equalizing access to educational resources in Illinois by empowering students, teachers, and communities.

Contact us: | (630) 605-4187

Naperville IL, 60540